Choosing the Right Roof for Your Granny Flat

Adding a granny flat to your property comes with lots of perks. The new living space you acquire is ideal for when guests come to stay, or you can rent it out and make some money from your efforts. One component that requires a lot of consideration is the roof. Here's what you need to keep in mind before you choose yours.

Roof Shape

When it comes to choosing a roof shape you'll need to examine the benefits of both flat and pitched. If you live in an area of high rainfall, a pitched roof offers easier drainage and can be more stable. Pitched roofs also provide easier angles if you choose to install solar panels to reduce the energy costs of your granny flat. When you're looking for a lower-cost granny flat kit, you may want to choose a flat roof. In addition to costing less, they're easier to construct when you're taking a DIY approach. 


All properties can lose a lot of heat through their roofs and that includes granny flats. If you want to maximise how comfortable yours is and keep your energy costs low, start looking into insulation options immediately. Roof blankets are easy to install and they can stop energy from escaping through the roof. Some types may also offer sound protection, which means you have the added benefit of a quieter sleeping experience.

Choosing an Attic

While you may not achieve an attic that offers the same type of living space as an everyday house, you can add one that makes your granny flat more liveable. If you're looking to expand your downstairs living space, choose a roof and attic that allow you to place a low-lying bed in the attic. Or, you can allocate the space as a storage area. In either case, you're creating more room downstairs for everyday living, such as a larger kitchen and dining area.


If you're using a DIY granny flat kit, make sure you don't neglect the guttering. Well-positioned guttering will drain water away from the flat and its roof, which makes sure it remains structurally sound. It also prevents water from pooling around the flat, which then reduces your risk of mould and certain pests gathering there. When installing guttering, consider using a guard so that debris doesn't build and cause the gutter to buckle. If you're unsure as to whether you're positioning it correctly, try using a professional to do the work instead.

For more information on granny flat kits, contact a company near you.

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