Benefits of Replacing Your Roof with Metal

Once you've decided to undergo a roof replacement, you need to pick a material. You could go with concrete or terracotta tiles. Another alternative is metal sheeting, which offers a range of benefits, as detailed below.

Colour Variety

Metal roofs come in a wide array of colours, allowing you to match them with the siding, trim and other elements. For example, blues, greys, reds, greens and beiges are among the possibilities. Many hues are available in lighter and darker versions, warm and cool options. For instance, you could cover your home with a classic heritage green or a bush-inspired eucalyptus shade. This variety allows you to harmonise the roofing to your home's architecture and palette. When selecting a colour, consider hues that contrast with the siding to generate visual interest. If you repeat the same colour, the facade might appear drab and dull.

Suits Different Roof Styles

Metal sheet roofing adapts to fit diverse roof forms and styles. Whether the building you're covering is a rustic cottage or a modern geometric structure with a curved roof, you can use metal. The sheets are available in diverse profiles, such as a classic orb wave shape or a square, angular one. Thus, you'll have plenty of options to find a suitable alternative for your home. Additionally, metal is light compared to tiles, so it's less inclined to stress a building structure, even when the roofing covers a vast area.


Metal roofing is durable and withstands elements such as sun, rain and hail. Though steel can rust, roofing sheets are covered in advanced coatings to prevent this. Galvanised steel is coated with protective zinc. Zincalume has a film of a zinc/aluminium alloy. Colorbond includes other coverings like a baked-on polyester paint layer. These roofs are designed and tested to resist weathering, and they usually last for decades.


Many metal roofs use steel, which is widely recycled worldwide. Thus, you won't have to worry about your new roof ending up in a landfill and contributing to the waste problem. After the metal sheets have protected your home for countless years, you can recycle them so they form other helpful objects. Recycling metal is better than mining resources to create new metal, which depletes the planet and burns more energy in the process than recycling.

Thus, metal roofing is an ideal option for a home. You'll have plenty of colours and profiles to decide between to harmonise the roof with your home's architecture and colour palette. Plus, these roofs usually last for decades, after which time, they can be recycled rather than thrown out. For more information, contact a roof replacement company. 

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