Follow These Three Guidelines When Installing Your Plasterboards

Plasterboards are a necessary part of the house-finishing process. They are durable, they are easy to install and they enhance your home's heat retention. However, it is essential to note that plasterboards are quite a permanent fixture in the house and that you need to be careful when handling their design and installation, because you will be using them for the long haul. Here are three guidelines to help you properly install plasterboards.

Design the Right Layout

The appearance and quality of drywall will only be as good as the layout which you make for it. First, mark the bottom and top part of the wall where you want plasterboard to cover before having it installed. This will be like a map that installers can follow when placing the boards. If there are vapour barriers, electrical wiring and other structures to be installed on the wall, make sure they have been installed before the plasterboards are put in place. If you are covering the entire wall with plasterboard, it is advisable to start with the ceiling and finish with the walls.

Draw the Lines Marking Stud Centres

After the ceiling has been put in place, the second part of the process will be to find a way to mark the centre of every stud. It is advisable to get a piece of chalk and draw lines showing the centre of the studs you will place. The centreline is where you will drive your screws. The ceiling and the floor marking will be convenient, but adding a centre stud line will ensure that you install smooth and flawless drywall.

Eliminate All Protrusions

Another important step to take is to try and eliminate all protrusions. Plasterboards are very sensitive, and even the smallest bumps on the wall will show in the finished product. If you can see any protrusions before or during the installation, use a hammer to flatten them as this will flatten them. Additionally, you have to sand down all other protrusions and pound down the nails to ensure the surface is wholly flattened before the installation.

Other important tips to follow include using the right thread of plasterboard screws for the installation and ensuring to hide the screw dimples. If you are not able to follow these procedures on your own, it is advisable to call in plasterboard installation experts to handle the process for you. Experts usually work in pairs, and they always ensure that the finished product is smooth and perfectly polished. 

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