Everything You Need to Know About Skylights

Skylights can be used to allow a greater level of light to enter your home. They can be fixed, or they can feature an opening mechanism. Skylight windows that open can provide added ventilation for your home. Skylights can be opened manually or through the use of a remote. There are also remote-controlled skylights that are powered by solar panels rather than by electricity. Skylights can offer a degree of security, as well as protection from weather effects.

Manual skylights

Manual skylights can be opened through the use of a winding handle or rod.

Electric skylights

Electric skylights feature a motor, control system and rain sensor. This means that you can open and close the window with a remote, and the window will automatically close when it rains, preventing rain from entering your home.

Solar-powered skylights

Solar-powered skylights feature a solar panel which charges a battery up in the sunlight. This battery is used to power the opening and closing of the window through the use of a remote control. The benefit of this is that you do not have to move to open it manually, and you do not have to use your electricity to power the window, making it more energy-efficient than traditional electronic skylights.

Fixed skylights

Fixed skylights do not open but they can be installed to allow more natural sunlight to enter your home.


All of the types of skylights can offer a number of benefits. Firstly, they can reduce the level of heat that enters your property through the window, allowing you to receive more light without gaining too much heat. Furthermore, skylights can use double glazing which has insulating properties, therefore lowering heat loss from your property, as well as decreasing heat loss and heat gain from the outside.


Skylights can be provided with an insect screen which prevents insects such as mosquitos from entering your property. Double glazing can provide added security due to the strength of the window, which makes it more difficult to break. Double glazing also reduces UV rays and offers a degree of soundproofing. Double glazing can also provide protection from hailstones in storms. Skylight windows can be fitted with flashing to help with water drainage.


Skylights are available in a selection of sizes. They usually consist of a wooden frame, with an exterior aluminium cover. However, there is a lack of customisation as skylights are typically only available in a limited number of colours.

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