Two things that can lead to the premature deterioration of a roof

If you want to avoid the expense of having your entire roof replaced, it's important to be aware of the things that could lead to it deteriorating prematurely. Here are two such things.

Failing to repair small holes

If your roof develops a small hole which has a diameter of just one or two inches, you may think that there is no need to have a roofer repair it. However, even a small opening can, over time, inflict an enormous amount of damage on a property's roof, particularly if the property in question is located in an area where rain showers occur with great regularity.

The reason for this is as follows; an unsealed hole in a roof will allow rainwater to trickle towards the roof trusses, which are positioned underneath the roofing materials.

Roof trusses act as structural supports, which stabilise the roof and thus prevent it from sagging, or from crushing the other parts of the house's structural framework that lie directly below it. These trusses are made from wood. Unfortunately, wood can develop a fungus and begin to decay if it is routinely exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

As such, if the hole in your roof allows rainwater to drip onto the roof trusses on a regular basis, these crucial components could end up being destroyed. If this happens, the structural soundness of the entire roof will be compromised and you may end up having to have it replaced by a roofing contractor.

The cost of this would be far higher than the cost associated with paying a professional to seal up a small hole. Given this, it would be much wiser to simply contact a roofer as soon as you notice any tiny openings in your roof.

Failing to remove any trees that are positioned close to the roof

Whilst trees can certainly improve the appearance of your house exterior and provide some much-needed shade during the hot summer months, they can also inflict serious harm on your property if they grow too close to your house's roof.

For example, if during a hurricane, one of the trees in your garden topples over, it branches or its trunk could land on the roof of your home. This could create a huge hole in your roof and damage not only the outer roof materials but also the structural components, such as the roof deck, the rafters or the above-mentioned roof trusses.

This type of damage could be costly to repair and would almost certainly require you and your family to temporarily move out of your home. It would be much cheaper and less stressful to simply cut down or trim the trees which are located within a few feet of your home.

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