Timber Frames

From time immemorial, timber has been used widely as a building material.  Despite the fact that use of timber was regarded as old-fashioned, it has experienced a comeback recently.

Benefits of using timber frames

Thermal capacity

Due to the fact that timber is very light, buildings made of it tend to heat up very quickly. As such, in areas where thermal conditions are too low, it is advisable to build timber houses. This will save up on the energy.


It is very fast to construct this kind of houses. As opposed to the masonry cavity wall construction timber frames are processed under controlled factory conditions and therefore need less building time.


While building timber houses, builders are able to exhibit the vast form of artistry in construction. With the creative joinery and the wood that is exposed timber houses tend to look more beautiful than their stone wall counterparts


Timber frames are built using long, strong posts and beams. This makes them way more durable than any other construction material. Their resistance to natural factors such as earthquakes is incredible. The heavy timber frame is also resistant to fire and with this kind of building, your generations are guaranteed to enjoy the same house for ages

Maintenance of timber frames


Painting helps in getting rid of pests which may otherwise eat up the timber. Industrial paints are the best for this purpose as they completely keep pests and insects away. Painting your timber frame will also make your house look attractive

Replacement and repair 

Check your house from time to time and call in a qualified specialist to repair and replace broken or worn out parts of your timber frame.

Waterproof your timber

Make sure your timber frame is treated during construction to prevent it from sucking in water. This is because water may expand into ice thus breaking the wood apart.

A timber truss is a framework, in this case, made of timber that is built to act as a connection space between the room and the roof. It is usually meant to create support for the roof. It should be treated the same way the rest of the timber frame is treated during and after construction

It is a good idea to build a timber house. Mainly because it is self-sustaining as it creates its own heat and therefore saves you the cost of tapping commercial heating processes. The fact that it will last ages if during building, proper measures were taken and necessary treatments were put in place is also a very worthy investment.

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