Signs That Roof Renewal Services Are In Your Immediate Future

Despite the increased vulnerability to water damage that your roof is at risk of, not many homeowners are proactive about the prevention of premature damage to their roof. As long as this structure remains out of sight, problems can go unattended for prolonged periods, which translates into the type of irreparable damage that would inevitably lead to roof renewal and replacement. However, if you would like to break the cycle of neglect, then it would be prudent for you to be conscious of what your roof is trying to communicate to you. Below are the symptoms that would be indicative of impending roof renewal services.

Staining at both the exterior and interior of your home

Leak detection can be quite tricky, particularly for individuals that do not have a discerning eye for this problem. A simple thing to remember is that most leaks would cause discolourations on your structure so this should be one of the first signs that you should be wary of. When water stains are fresh, they tend to be harder to detect as they will not cause any drastic change to the appearance of your structure. Nonetheless, with close inspection, you should be able to notice streaks of a different hue on your walls or ceiling, which would mean that there is an undetected leak.

When these leaks are left undeterred, they begin to turn brownish and yellowish. Moreover, you will also start to notice the circumference of the stain expanding. It would be critical to hire a roof specialist for renewal services if you would want to prevent further damage to your residence.

Shingle fragments in your yard and gutters

Shingles are typically constructed from durable materials. Nonetheless, the constant exposure to the elements coupled with the direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, the surface of the shingles steadily deteriorates with time. As the degradation becomes critical, your shingles can completely crumble. This crumbling subsequently leads to them being eroded off the roof and into your yard, gutters and other places. Ignoring these crumbling pieces of roof shingles is inadvisable as it directly implies that there are parts of your roofing that have no protection against water ingress.

Therefore, putting off roof renewal services just increases the chances of water pooling inside the roofing structure and this will eventually affect the integrity of the trusses, your ceiling and so on. As a rule of thumb, any signs of missing shingles should have you invest in roof renewal services in the form of re-shingling the entire structure.

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